Accent Works  is an independent  production company
Producer, Director, Writer,  Editor, Composer

Natasha Guruleva

Natasha Guruleva is an award winning multidisciplinary artist. She holds graduate degrees in Science, Theatre and Communications.
Natasha was a broadcaster in Vladivostok (Russia) and for SBS Russian language programs in Sydney (Australia).
She was an art director for the first NY festival of Russian Films.
In the US she made her debut in digital media. Her films were screened at New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Her  works are represented by Cinema Guild, Pathfinder Pictures, Galloping Films, Geste, Inc. Agency, Goliath Promotions, Shami Media. Natasha writes for Films in Review, produces Mushroomland series of fairy-tales & fables, writes songs, poetry, performs occasionally, does freelance interpreting.

Her books of fairy-tales and poetry, photography, dolls and fiber art works can be viewed on

experimental: The Dream of Flight,
narrative: Russian Bride,
documentaries: It s About the Soul, Little Old-Russian Serenade,
Making of "The Sweet Life" (produced by Roy Frumkes, distributed by Synapse Films)

Feature documentaries:
Dance To Live
Chasing A Butterfly
Across Forever
Pictures At An Exhibition: NORTHERN GOLGOTHA (in development)

Russian Bride 
Mr. Brown
Dave's Date (Forbidden Foot)
Adventures Of Little Herbert In Mushroom Land

Music Albums:

Day By Day

Natashas Songs

Songs of my childhood

Everett Phillips - Associate Producer, Actor, Photographer, Set Constructor
Everett Phillips  stars in "Dave's Date", co-stars in "Cousins" and appears in "Russian Bride". He  builds  sets for Mushroomland series and photographed the scenes for the book "Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroom Land".